When you create your first conference room, we'll fire over an email with your conference details so you've always got a record of them. 

If you have an online account, your conference rooms are stored there too.

You can also use the Add To Contacts feature on any conference room to add the details to your contacts list on your smartphone or computer. The contact details will include a speed dial number so you'll have your conference room at your finger tips. You can manually dial the speed dial number, or you can simply tap the number on most smartphones to dial in instantly.

Your speed dial number will look something like this:


When you use the online scheduling feature, a calendar event file will be included in the email that goes out to your participants, as well as a contact card so that the recipients can add the room details to their own contact lists. You can even dial straight in from your calendar event on most smartphones, as the speed dial number is included in the calendar event!

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