If you use a mobile phone connected to a UK network but are currently overseas (i.e. you are roaming), you should check how to dial a UK number from your handset. Many handsets use dial-assist services so you will dial the same number as if you were physically in the UK. See the example below. If you hear a WHYPAY? announcement, enter your conference room number and PIN in the usual way.

Dial 033 3443 3443
Dial +44 33 3443 3443
Dial 0044 33 3443 3443

A handful of international carriers may not deliver calls to UK 03 numbers. If you experience any difficulty in dialling in on the 03 number, please try the following. (Please note, there is no reason to dial the 01 number from within the UK as it offers no cost saving whatsoever over dialling our 03 number.)

Dial 0 18454 18454
Dial +44 18454 18454
Dial 0044 18454 18454

Call charges

European Union

If you are using a mobile phone connected to a UK network and are calling from within the European Union, your call is included in your bundled minutes, just as it is from within the UK. Take a look at this page on the Ofcom website for further information about EU roaming.

Rest of World

If you are calling from a UK number whilst outside the EU, please check your roaming package with your mobile operator. 

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