With a WHYPAY? Plus or Pro subscription, you can record as many conference calls as you like. This is useful for those times when you've forgotten exactly what was said or agreed on a call, or you'd like an audio archive of a meeting for some other reason. 


Recordings are stored in your account for 14 days after each conference has finished. Make sure you download recordings within this time. 

The recording starts when the first person joins a conference room and stops when the last person leaves. The waiting music is automatically edited out of all call recordings. 

How to turn on recording

Once you've logged into your account you can switch recording on/off for any of your conference rooms. 

  • Go to your 'Conference rooms' page;
  • Select your conference room from the dropdown list;
  • Click on the 'Edit' option, and click on the toggle switch in the conference recording section.

You can check to see if recording is turned on by dialling into your conference room from any phone and listening for the announcement: 'This call is being recorded at the request of the organiser'

Giving others access to recordings

When you enable recording for a conference room you can also specify recording recipients - these are participants you wish to have access to recordings after each conference finishes in that conference room. 

You can edit the recording recipients list as time goes on. Please note that only the individuals who are in the list at the time a conference call is made will have access to the corresponding recording.

Note: You cannot add someone as a recording recipient unless they have already been added as a conference participant on the same page. 

After the conference

When a conference call has ended, an email will be sent to you and any recording recipients with a link to log in / create an account and download the recording. 

Please note: Due to data storage constraints conference recordings are only available to download for 14 days after the conference call. Once this 14 days is up, recordings are permanently deleted.

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