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Where is my conference recording?
Where is my conference recording?

How to find a call recording for a previous conference call.

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When call recording is enabled for a particular conference room, all conferences in that room will be recorded automatically. When turning on recording, the organiser of the conference must specify the email addresses of anyone else they wish to receive call recordings. 

Note: Only those listed as recording recipients at the time the conference call occurs will receive an email granting access to the recording.

When a recorded conference finishes, an email is sent to the organiser as well as any recording recipients with a link to log in / create an account and download the audio file securely.

File format: MP3

Please note that conference recordings are only available to download for 14 days after a conference call has finished. Once the 14 days have passed, the recordings are permanently deleted and are not recoverable. 

Where is my recording? (organisers)

  • Log in to your WHYPAY? account;

  • Click on Conference rooms;

  • Under My Rooms select the appropriate room;

  • Click on Previous conferences;

  • Under the Recording column, click Download.

Where is my recording? (recording recipients)

  • Log in / create an account using the link found in the email notifying you that a recording is available;

  • Click on Conference rooms;

  • Click on Other rooms and select the appropriate room;

  • Click on Previous conferences;

  • Under the Recording column, click Download

When listening to recordings

You should be able to listen to call recordings on your device's native media player. Note that the recording starts when the first person joins a conference room and stops when the last person leaves. The waiting music is automatically edited out of all call recordings. 

Need help?

If you cannot locate a conference recording that you believe should be available, contact our support team

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