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Participant announcements

Choose what is heard when participants join or leave your conference call.

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WHYPAY? users subscribed to the Plus or Pro plan (and Legacy Free users) are able to control what is heard by existing participants when someone else joins or hangs up. 


Each participant is asked to record their name when they dial in. Participant names are announced to all other conference participants so that they know who has joined/left.


Discrete notification sounds are heard by all participants when Guests join or leave. The sound is different depending on whether the Guest has joined or left. This is the default option for all conference rooms. 

Note that the Sounds setting only applies to Guests, not Moderators. 

None (silence)

No sounds are heard by other participants when someone joins/leaves.

How to change this setting

  • Choose the appropriate conference room on your Conference rooms page and click on Edit.

  • Scroll down the page to the Participant announcements section to choose your preferred option.

If you need any assistance with announcements get in touch with the WHYPAY? support team. 

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