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My room number and/or PIN won't work
My room number and/or PIN won't work

What to do if your conference room number or PIN aren't being recognised.

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If you're experiencing problems dialling into a conference, the first thing to check is that you're entering the conference details correctly. 

When you dial into your WHYPAY? conference number (the number that begins with 03), you will hear an automated welcome message. 

When prompted, use your telephone keypad to enter:

  • Your room number, followed by the # key.

  • Your PIN, followed by the # key.

If you still cannot access the conference room, the first thing to do is confirm the conference room details with the organiser. 

If the details are correct, please there may be an issue with the way your phone is sending the room number and PIN. Try dialling in from a different handset, from a landline (if you're trying from a mobile - or vice versa) and from a different network (e.g. Vodafone, EE, BT).

If this still doesn't work we'd definitely advise you to contact us directly so we can help. 

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