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Is WHYPAY? compatible with my operating system/internet browser?
Is WHYPAY? compatible with my operating system/internet browser?

WHYPAY? is mobile responsive and can be accessed from most up-to-date operating systems/internet browsers.

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As long as your internet browser and operating system is up to date you should have no problems using the WHYPAY? website from your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

The WHYPAY? website is accessible from the following internet browsers:


  • Chrome

  • Edge

  • Firefox

  • Safari


  • iOS Safari (iPhone/iPad)

  • Android Chrome

For information on how to update your browser, click here (external site).

If you are using Edge, Safari or iOS Safari, you may be required to update your OS (Operating System) in order to update the browser. If your browser is not on this list, it could still be supported, just make sure you are running the latest version of that browser to avoid issues.

Using Internet Explorer? 

Microsoft has removed support for Internet Explorer on most versions of Windows, which means that many websites (including WHYPAY?) may not work as expected.

The best solution for this is to switch to using one of the browsers listed above that are being actively supported and updated.

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