WHYPAY? accounts with a Moderator features enabled have access telephone keypad controls. These controls allow participants to execute commands during the conference call, using their telephone keypad

Note: Only once a conference has started can keypad controls be accessed. After the conference start, participants can hear which controls are available to them by pressing the * key. 

Important: Try not to press the key combinations too quickly. Press the * key first until you hear the options being announced, and then press the relevant number (see below). 

Moderator keypad controls

The Moderator keypad controls are only accessible to Moderators (those who have dialled in using the Moderator PIN). Don't forget, multiple participants can be Moderators on a single conference. 

* 1  - Mute or unmute yourself;

* 2 - Mute/unmute all participants except moderators;

* 3 - Hear the current number of participants;

* 4 - Lock/unlock the conference;

* 5 - Remove all participants except Moderators from the conference.


When in Listen or Panel mode, participants are already muted when they join, so to un-mute them, Moderators must use the mute command twice.

Guest keypad controls

Guests, who dial in using the Guest PIN, have access to the following controls:

* 1 - Mute or unmute yourself

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