Moderator PINs

Giving you more control over your conference calls and participants.

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On Free accounts, WHYPAY? conference rooms are accessed via the 4-digit PIN and everyone enters the same details when dialling in:

With a Pro or Plus subscription, a Moderator PIN is revealed to the conference organiser, which can be entered instead of the standard PIN when dialling in:

The Moderator PIN can be used by more than one participant during a conference call, allowing multiple Moderators per call. As a conference organiser you can share the Moderator PIN directly, or you can specify Moderators when scheduling a conference via your online account:

Why use the Moderator PIN?

With the Moderator PIN, conference participants can be easily differentiated into Moderators and Guests. This allows you to take advantage of other Moderator features:

Moderator-specific keypad controls
Perform Moderator actions during the call via your telephone keypad. 

Moderator required  
Ensure the conference can only begin once a Moderator has dialled in.

Advanced muting modes
Choose whether participants are muted when they join, and whether they can unmute themselves or not. 

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