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Make the right impression with custom branded conference calls.

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Make sure your organisation's brand is reinforced during your conference calls for a professional experience. If you subscribe to the WHYPAY? Pro plan you'll have access to the custom branding features below... 

Custom 03 dial-in number

With a custom 03 dial-in number you get a dedicated conference telephone number reserved specifically for your organisation. 

To go with your custom 03 number, you'll also be given a matching 01 dial-in number for international callers. Your 03 number should be accessible from other countries, but in case there are any issues, your 01 number can be used as a back up. The same room number and PIN should be entered as normal. 

Once you've upgraded to the Pro plan, your custom dial-in numbers will automatically be updated for your conference rooms. 

No WHYPAY? branding

When dialling into your conference room(s), you and your participants will no longer hear any references to WHYPAY? or message promoting the service. 

Upload a custom welcome greeting

Making the right impression is important, especially when making conference calls with new clients or customers. With custom welcome greetings you can replace the default greeting "Welcome to WHYPAY?..." by uploading an audio file of your choice. This allows you to control what participants hear when they dial-in. For example, you could replace the default WHYPAY? welcome greeting with:

"Welcome to the Retail Solutions conferencing line. Please enter your conference room number, followed by the hash key."

To upload a greeting go to Dashboard > Custom greeting

Note that you'll need to include the room number prompt as part of your recorded greeting (as above). The prompt to enter your PIN is separate does not need to be recorded. 

Professional greeting recording

Go one step further for a fully seamless experience. Order a professional recording in our friendly female voice. Give your participants a clear welcome in the same voice heard on the other automated in-call announcements. 

Cost: an additional £85 one-off charge + VAT, which is added to your existing subscription.

Once you've subscribed to the Pro plan contact support letting us know what you would like your greeting to be and we'll handle the rest. 

Choice of waiting music

Customise your participants' experience even further by changing the conference waiting music. Choose a different genre/tune to be played to participants as they wait for the conference to start. 

To change your music, subscribe to the Pro plan > Edit your chosen conference room > enable Custom waiting music.

Custom email branding

Say goodbye to the WHYPAY? branding on your conference invitations and reminders with custom email branding. Upload your own company logo, custom colour scheme and contact details. 

From your Dashboard, head to the Custom email page to set up your email branding. 

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