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Is it really Free?
Is this a free service? What are the charges?
Is this a free service? What are the charges?

Get totally FREE conference calls on an 03 dial-in number with the option to upgrade to a subscription plan for even more.

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  • Core WHYPAY? conferencing features are (and always will be) totally FREE to use. 

  • The only charges ever issued by WHYPAY? are to conference organisers who have upgraded from the FREE service to a paid subscription. Account-holders on the FREE subscription will never receive any charges from WHYPAY?.

What about call charges? How much does it cost to dial into a conference call?

WHYPAY? conference participants dial an 03 phone number to access conference calls. This means that there are no call charges added by WHYPAY? onto the phone calls made by conference participants (which can't be said for many other popular conference services)

Calls are included in UK mobile/landline bundled minutes (making the call free) or charged at the caller's standard network rate if no bundled minutes are available. Click here for more information on call charges

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