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Adding other conference organisers
Adding other conference organisers

How to assign other members of your organisation as conference organisers on your account.

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WHYPAY? allows you to add other members of your organisation as conference organisers on your account. This allows the organiser to log in and schedule their own conference calls. 

What happens when an organiser is created?

When you add an organiser, a new conference room is automatically created on your account and assigned to that person. When organisers log in, they have restricted permissions on your account. They can't add organisers themselves or change any of the global account settings such as your organisation name or subscription plan. They see the same Dashboard as Admins, but can only view and edit one conference room.

Can Admins edit their organisers' conference rooms?

No. Admins hand over control of the conference room when they add the organiser. Admins can't edit the conference settings or scheduled calls in any of their organiser's conference rooms, however they can delete the organiser if they wish to revoke access. 

When you delete an existing organiser, their conference room is allocated to you so that you can reuse it on your own account. 

How to add an organiser

Click on Manage organisers to add an organiser to your account.

Note that if you've already reached your conference room limit you might need to upgrade your subscription before adding organisers.

You can see which rooms are assigned to which organisers in your conference room drop down list:

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