When you create a WHYPAY? account you're automatically enrolled on the FREE plan. This means no charges and your very own conference room, which is permanent and can be re-used as many times as you like

If you'd like to add more conference rooms (or add others as conference organisers on your account) you'll need to upgrade your FREE plan. 

  • Free plan: 1 conference room/organiser

  • Plus plan: 4 conference rooms/organisers

  • Pro plan: 8 conference rooms/organisers 

Need more?

Once you've subscribed to a paid plan you can increase your conference room limit even further if required. Simply contact support to add the following enhancements to your account:

  • 50 conference rooms & 75 participants per room: Additional £25 / month

  • 100 conference rooms & 100 participants per room: Additional £45 / month

All prices exclude VAT.

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