Custom 03 dial-in number

A conference call phone number specifically reserved for your organisation.

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WHYPAY? users with a Pro subscription are automatically assigned a custom 03 dial-in number. This is a dedicated conference telephone number reserved specifically for one account/organisation. 

Custom 03 dial-in numbers are automatically applied to all conference rooms on an account. You'll be able to see your custom 03 number by going to the Conference rooms page and viewing any one of your conference rooms. 

International callers

To go with your custom 03 number, you'll also be given a matching 01 dial-in number, which is useful for anyone having difficulty accessing your 03 number from abroad. Your 03 number should be accessible from other countries, but if any international callers experience difficulties, they should try dialling your custom 01 and entering the your room number and PIN as normal.

Your custom dial-in number will be displayed on your Conference rooms page and also on your conference invitations. 

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