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Optional professional greeting
Optional professional greeting

For a completely seamless experience order a conference welcome greeting in the friendly WHYPAY? female voice.

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Go one step further for a fully seamless experience. Order a professional voice recording in our friendly female voice. Give your participants a clear welcome in the same voice heard on the other automated in-call announcements. 

Instead of the default "Welcome to WHYPAY?..." greeting your conference participants will hear a tailored welcome message, which can mention your organisation name or be tailored to your requirements. 

For example you might choose to mention your company name - "Welcome to Retail Solutions..." - or if you use WHYPAY? for telephone interviews, you could go with "Welcome to the interview..."

Note: The next announcement heard after your greeting is "Please enter you room number, followed by the hash key" so you won't need to mention the room number/PINs in your greeting recording. 


Professional greeting recordings cost an additional £85 one-off charge, which is added to your existing subscription. All prices exclude VAT.

How to order a professional greeting

Once you've subscribed to the Pro plan contact support letting us know what you would like your greeting to be and we'll handle the rest for you. 

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