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Locking your conference call
Locking your conference call

For added security, use telephone keypad controls to lock your conference room on demand.

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With a Plus or Pro subscription plan, WHYPAY? conference organisers can choose to lock their conference room whilst the call is taking place.

When a conference call is locked, no further Guests can dial into the conference room, even if they enter a valid room number and PIN. Moderators can still join using the 5-digit Moderator PIN, as long as the total participant limit hasn't been reached.

Being able to lock the conference to any further Guests can be particularly useful for discussing sensitive or confidential information. You can have your discussion safe in the knowledge that no unauthorised participants can dial in and hear what's being said. 

How to lock your conference

To lock a conference room you will need to have dialled in using the 5-digit Moderator PIN. Only Moderators can access the lock/unlock feature

Once the conference has started and you are happy that everyone has joined, you can press * 4 on your telephone keypad to lock the conference room from further Guests. 

You can unlock the conference room by pressing *4 again. 

All participants will hear an announcement confirming when you have locked or unlocked the conference room. 

Telephone keypad controls

As well as locking the conference room, telephone keypad controls allow conference organisers to have much more control over their conferences, including being able to mute all Guests, or hear an announcement of how many participants are currently dialled in. 

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