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Enhance your conference invitations with your own logo, colour scheme and company information.

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WHYPAY? users with a Pro subscription get custom email branding included. 

Instead of WHYPAY? branded conference invitations and conference reminders, your conference participants will receive an email with your logo at the top, and your organisation's colour scheme. 

Head to Custom email from your Dashboard to customise your email invitations:

When customising your conference invitations you can update various of details. Send a conference invitation to a colleague or friend after filling in the details to see how things will look. 

Contact details

These include your company/organisation name, which will replace any references to WHYPAY?, and a phone number and email address, which will be added to the bottom of the emails. 

Upload a logo and choose its position. If your logo image isn't displaying properly, the WHYPAY? support team will be able to assist you. 

These display as icons at the bottom of the email. If you add your social media accounts the relevant social icon will display and link to your social account. 


Placed as a link in the footer of the email and the link for your logo.

Brand colours

You can customise the colour of almost all elements of your email invitations. Choose the colours using a colour picker or specify the exact colour codes if you know what they are. Whoever designed your website or branding should be able to provide colour codes for you. 

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