If you’re dialling in from abroad (but NOT using a phone connected to a UK network), you should still be able to access the service by calling the 03 dial-in number displayed on your conference invitation. You'll need to remove the zero and replace it with +44, for example: 

+44 33 3443 3443

However, 03 numbers cannot be dialled from all overseas countries. If you experience any problems reaching +44 33, please try one of our alternative international dial-in numbers:

Dial +44 18454 18454
Dial +44 20 3634 3634

If you are unable to connect using the +44 prefix from your handset, please check the international access code for the country you’re calling from. A list of international access codes is shown in the right hand column on this page.

For example, if someone is calling in from the United States and the +44 prefix does not work, they would dial:

011 (USA international dialling prefix) 44 (UK country calling code) 33 3443 3443.

Your existing Room Number and PIN can be used in the same way when dialling the alternative numbers too.

Call charges

Calls made from outside of the UK will be subject to call charges levied by the local phone provider. Participants should check with their local provider if they have any queries regarding international dialling and any associated costs. 

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