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Dialling in from abroad (using a foreign network)
Dialling in from abroad (using a foreign network)

International access for overseas callers.

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Note: This article is for accessing WHYPAY? from outside the UK on a foreign phone. If you're using a UK mobile but are dialling from outside the UK, view this article


If you’re dialling in from abroad on a foreign handset, you should still be able to access WHYPAY? by calling the 03 number displayed with your conference details but you'll need to remove the 0 from the beginning of the number and replace it with +44.

So instead of [03...] you should dial [+44 3...].

If you've successfully connected to the service, you should hear "Welcome to WHYPAY?..." 

Tip: Dial in before your scheduled call time to check everything's working! You should hear 'Welcome to WHYPAY?...' and you should be able to enter your room number/PIN without any issues. 

Alternative international dial-in number

If for any reason you're unable to connect using the method above, try using the alternative international dial-in number displayed on your conference invitation.

This will be a +44 1 or +44 2 number. Contact the conference organiser if you're unable to locate this number.  

International dialling prefixes

If you're still unable to connect using the alternative number, you may need replace the + at the beginning of the number with the relevant International Dialling Prefix.

Click here to find the correct prefix. These are listed in the right hand column (highlighted in red below).

As an example, if someone is calling in from the United States, the number to dial would start with:

  • 011 (USA international dialling prefix) 44 (UK country calling code) ...

Help, I'm still not getting through. 

If you're still not getting through after following the advice above you can contact support who can assist you with formatting the dial-in number correctly for the country you're calling from. 

Note that although rare, your network agreement or call settings may restrict calls to other countries for various reasons. You may need to check that calls to UK telephone numbers are permitted by your network provider. 

How much will the call cost?

Calls made from outside of the UK will be subject to call charges levied by the local phone provider. Participants should check with their local provider if they have any queries regarding international dialling and any associated costs. 

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