The scheduling features on your account are optional. Whether you schedule a call on the website or not, your conference room is always available and can be reused as many times as you like. You can simply dial in whenever you need to hold a call. 

As a conference organiser, you have two options when inviting participants.

  1. Simply send your conference details (Dial-in number, room number and PIN) in an email, calendar event or any other kind of message. Don't forget to specify the appropriate time to dial-in.

  2. Schedule a call via your WHYPAY? account - email notifications will be automatically sent out to participants with all the details they need to dial in. The email invitation sent out includes lots of useful advice like how to dial in from abroad, information on call costs and add to contacts/add to calendar options. 

Note: Whilst your conference dial-in details are permanent - allowing your organise lots of different conference calls with different people using a single conference room - currently the WHYPAY? website can only display and send reminders for one scheduled conference call per conference room. If you need to schedule lots of calls, we'd suggest that you upgrade your account and make use of multiple conference rooms, or use one conference room but schedule calls separately from WHYPAY? website. Chat to our support team if you're unsure of the best option for you. 

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