WHYPAY? gives you free-rein when it comes to scheduling conference calls.

As your conference details are permanent & reusable you might want to keep things simple by pasting your dial-in details into an email, text message or calendar event invitation.

Alternatively, you can schedule a conference via your online WHYPAY? account and an invitation will be sent out to your participants with all the information they need to join your call.  If you schedule a call via the website, your participants will also receive a reminder email 15 minutes before the call is due to start. 

Scheduling a call from your online account

To schedule a conference call via your account, simply log in, create a new conference room (or edit an existing one) and turn on the scheduling sections using the red/green switches: 

Once you've specified participants and set a time/date for your call, click 'save' at the bottom of the page. If you've edited your conference room and specific participants email addresses you'll be asked if you'd like to send an invitation out. Click 'Yes' and your invitation will be sent. 

Note: Whilst your conference dial-in details are permanent - allowing your organise lots of different conference calls with different people using a single conference room - currently the WHYPAY? website can only display and send reminders for one scheduled conference call per conference room. If you need to schedule lots of calls, we'd suggest that you upgrade your account and make use of multiple conference rooms, or use one conference room but schedule calls separately from WHYPAY? website. Chat to our support team if you're unsure of the best option for you. 

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