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DTMF issues: When your conference room number or PIN isn't being recognised.
DTMF issues: When your conference room number or PIN isn't being recognised.

Although rare, sometimes your phone may struggle to send the correct keypad signals for your room number/PIN. Here's what to do...

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When you dial into a WHYPAY? conference call, entering the conference room number and PIN on your keypad, signals are sent from your device during the phone call using a reliable and widely adopted technology called DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency). This same signalling technology is used in many other services such as automated customer service menus and telephone banking services.

However, on rare occasions there may be issues with the DTMF signals being successfully transmitted from your phone, via your network provider, through the telecommunications network, to our servers at WHYPAY?.

This can be frustrating because even if you are entering the correct conference details, you won't be able to join the conference if your phone isn't able to send the signals correctly.

Identifying and troubleshooting DTMF issues

It’s always best to check for the simplest things first:

  • Make sure you are using the correct dial-in number for the conference room your are trying to access, and that you are definitely entering the correct room number and PIN. Using a smart phone? Try tapping the speed dial link on your conference invitation, which will automatically make a call and enter the correct details for you.

  • Ensure that you don't accidentally mute your handset when the room number and PIN are being entered as this may prevent the digits being transmitted depending upon the handset/phone you’re using.

If you're still having trouble there may indeed be a DTMF issue:

  • Try calling into WHYPAY? from an alternative phone and if possible from a different network. It is possible that if you have poor mobile signal, or if the mobile base station you are connected to is oversubscribed or congested, then issues may be experienced with accessing WHYPAY?. Try from a landline if possible if you’re having problems calling from your mobile.

  • Another way of testing your handset is to try dialling another number such as your voicemail or your telephone banking IVR and checking that your DTMF works by pressing digits when prompted, ensuring that you progress successfully through the menu structure as you select each option.

If you believe you are experiencing DTMF issues and you don't have access to another phone/network you may need to contact your network provider.

If you’re still having problems after checking the previous steps, then by all means let us know what you’re experiencing by contacting us, providing as much information as you can, as that will help us to diagnose any issues promptly.

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